Classification of hearing loss

Briefly introduce the classification of hearing loss.

Our normal hearing is less than25Decibels are normal, and communication is not a problem.

Mild hearing loss is25Decibel to40In decibels, this type of hearing loss is difficult to discern for relatively small sounds, such as the rustling of leaves that are blown by the wind.

Moderate hearing loss is40Decibel to60Decibels, this kind of hearing loss is a little difficult in daily communication, and the recognition of speech is not strong. This kind of hearing aid is needed at the beginning.

Severe hearing loss is60Decibel to80Decibels, this type of hearing loss is loud to speak, even the car’s whistle can not be discerned, you must wear a hearing aid.

Extremely severe hearing loss80Above decibels, it is difficult for patients with hearing loss to feel the presence of sound, and they are basically in a state of full paralysis, and high-power hearing aids must be used.

Hearing loss grading

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