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Meniere’s syndrome generally refers to Meniere’s disease, which is an idiopathic disease of the inner ear.30To50Young and middle-aged people, the incidence of children is small, the main performance is generally dizziness, nausea, deafness, tinnitus, ear nausea and other symptoms.

The cause of Meniere’s disease is still unclear until now. The main pathological change is the accumulation of water in the membrane. This is recognized by many scholars. However, how the phenomenon of membrane lost water is produced is still unclear. The causes known today are: bacterial viral infections, otosclerosis, allergies, acoustic damage, genetic factors, and the like.


As I said before, the main clinical manifestations are dizziness and nausea, deafness, tinnitus, ear suffocation, etc. Among them, tinnitus is one of the earliest symptoms of this disease. There are many kinds of tinnitus sounds, humming, ringing, wind, etc. At the same time, tinnitus can suddenly appear or aggravate before the onset of vertigo. Under normal circumstances, the onset of tinnitus is unilateral, and of course there are a few patients who appear on both sides. Tinnitus.

Secondly, the sense of vertigo, the vertigo caused by this disease is mostly vertigo, the patient will feel the surrounding objects around him to turn around, vertigo attacks often appear nausea and vomiting, pale and other phenomena, only closed It will be relieved when the eyes are.

The onset time of vertigo usually lasts from a few minutes to a few hours, and the maximum is not exceeded.24Hours, but dizziness is recurrent, and the extent and timing of each episode is different.

In terms of treatment, because the etiology and pathogenesis of Meniere’s disease have been previously unknown, there is currently no treatment that can completely cure the disease. Mainly still use the adjustment and upgrade system to improve the inner ear microcirculation and eliminate the drug treatment and surgical treatment of lost water.


In the daily diet, try to reduce salt, and the daily intake of salt should be less than1gDon’t have too much pressure to cause physical exertion, maintain a comfortable mood, and have enough sleep, do not smoke or drink, and don’t drink strong tea and coffee. You should stay in bed during the onset of illness, seek medical advice promptly, and actively treat the disease.

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