Is tinnitus really incurable?

Is tinnitus really incurable? This problem is actually not precise enough. Some tinnitus can be treated, but some are incurable.

General tinnitus can be treated and solved, but there is one, we are going to talk about today, neurological tinnitus, this type of tinnitus is currently not fully cured.


Under normal circumstances, we have to choose to take medicine to solve the problem of tinnitus, but there is no panacea in the world, that is, no medicine can treat all people’s tinnitus, tinnitus is actually not a disease, and It is a symptom. There are thousands of causes of tinnitus. Before taking medicine, we must first conduct an examination of all aspects of the ear. We need to determine the cause. Before we check, we cannot take medicine indiscriminately. Some people are surrounded by friends or neighbors who have developed tinnitus. It is good to eat a medicine. When you have tinnitus, it is not necessarily effective when you go to eat others. It is because the cause of your two tinnitus is not The same, the nature is different, so it is not effective, but it may increase.

There is a saying that we circulate among the people that it is a long time, but it is not accurate, but it is not correct.

There is no inevitable connection between deafness and tinnitus. Generally speaking, the disease that causes deafness will have tinnitus, but the disease that causes tinnitus does not necessarily cause deafness. Both can exist simultaneously or separately.

I also said that neurological tinnitus can’t be cured, so what if we unfortunately suffer from neurological tinnitus?


Its current treatment methods are mainly drug treatment, masking treatment, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and psychotherapy.

Medication is the use of drugs to relieve tinnitus, but it can not be eliminated. Masking treatment is what we call a masking signal with the same frequency as tinnitus. This is what hearing aids can do. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is to increase the oxygen content in the blood. Improve the hypoxic damage of the auditory receptors, promote the recovery of the function of the cochlea and auditory nerves, and also the psychological treatment, mainly through communication to make them have some improvement on tinnitus.

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