What is the cause of the pain in the ear?

The ear is an important organ for us. Hearing is indispensable for us, but sometimes we feel our ears hurt. What is the reason?

Caused by noise.

There are more nerves around our ears, and our ears will feel a burst of pain when we are exposed to long periods of intense noise. The best way to do this is to leave the noise source.


The external auditory canal is damaged and inflamed.

The most common cause of damage to the external auditory canal is to dig ear mites. Digging ear can be said to be quite comfortable, but you know, it is very easy to cause damage to the ear canal when you dig ear, and it will be cut with a little force. If you are digging, someone around you will also hit you. If you look at it, it is very likely that you will wear the tympanic membrane and cause more serious consequences.

Ear herpes.

This is caused by a viral infection, basically multiple hair and auricles. This phenomenon causes pain in our ears and is mostly a sense of needle stick and burning. Some patients may have hearing loss, nausea and vomiting.

Ear tumor.

When we have a tumor in the ear canal or middle ear, as the disease progresses, the tumor will become malignant. For a long time, not only the pain will cause hearing loss, but also ear canal bleeding.

Ear tumor

Otitis media.

Otitis media is caused by bacterial infection, causing pus accumulation in the middle ear. The more pus accumulates, the more sensitive the tympanic membrane is, which causes ear pain.

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