There are deafness in the child’s ear. Do you want to help him out?

Many today90After becoming a treasure mother, when you bring a child, if you suddenly find that there are deafness in the child’s ear, do we need to help him out?

Baby digging ear

In fact, in general, whether it is a child or an adult, we usually do not need to be deaf, the scientific name of deafness is 耵聍, it is a mixture of the normal secretion of sebaceous glands in the ear canal and foreign dust dander, and It is a protective effect on our ears for our hearing, preventing dust, small flying insects and stunned foreign objects from entering our ears.

Under normal circumstances, cockroaches will move off with the movement of our body, chewing, shaking, running, etc., and generally will not affect the hearing.

Don’t go to your own ear, for example, if you take a cotton swab to lick your ear, you may push the ear mites into the deep ear canal, and there is also the possibility of breaking the tympanic membrane. If your other tools are dig, it is It is possible to cut through the ear canal. If you really have enough hearing loss, you can go to the hospital and ask the doctor to help you clean it up.

Digging ear

Many people say that they have to go to the hospital to dig their ears.

Just give it to you, if you dig the tympanic membrane by dig your own ear, do you have to go to the hospital for repair surgery, if you have otitis media, do you have to go to the hospital for treatment, and if you have hearing loss, you have to eat it. The medicine is equipped with a hearing aid. Do you say the value?

Hospital digging

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