Little knowledge about sudden hearing and tinnitus

At present, the cause of sudden deafness is not clear, and many scholars have suggested that microcirculatory disorders and viral infection doctrine are likely to be the cause of abruptness. Therefore, drugs such as vasodilators, energy preparations, and adrenocortical hormones are usually used in hospital clinics. Studies have shown that injection of dexamethasone is effective and safe in the treatment of sudden deafness.

Tinnitus is the sound of an external source in the ear or head. Research has shown that95%Turkic patients have tinnitus. Tinnitus is a psychoacoustic illusion of neuropathology that is currently unknown. Despite the increasing number of tinnitus studies after stimulation, the neurological characteristics of tinnitus in the resting state remain uncertain. Tinnitus can be divided into objective tinnitus and subjective tinnitus. The cause of objective tinnitus may be the sound of blood vessels or muscles, unilateral pulsating tinnitus (PTIt is an objective tinnitus that has been proven to be a disease with abnormal brain function inside and outside the auditory network.

When diagnosing tinnitus, it is important to understand its characteristics, including side, morbidity, duration, and comorbidity with other symptoms: headache, hearing loss, dizziness, depression, etc.

Sudden deafness

So does tinnitus have an effect on Turk?

The results of research at home and abroad are different. In China, some scholars of Chen Equality have found that there is no statistically significant difference in the efficacy of tinnitus and abruptness. In foreign countries,Wilsom (1980)I think that people with tinnitus are less effective than those without tinnitus.Ben-DavidI think that people with tinnitus are better than those without tinnitus.Byl (1984)The study showed that the sudden or not tinnitus was not related to efficacy, consistent with domestic studies.

Treatment strategy

Treating deafness

Sound therapy is one of the most effective techniques for tinnitus treatment that has been proposed. Acoustic therapy is a personalized integrated sound therapy program centered on acoustic stimulation. At present, there are few studies on the therapeutic effect of acoustic therapy on patients with sudden hearing loss and tinnitus, but many scholars have confirmed that acoustic therapy has a good effect on tinnitus treatment. already19Early century, FranceJean Marc Use external sounds to relieve tinnitus; subsequently,Beed Masking acoustic therapy andJack VernonEtc. in the clinical application of external masking sound to treat tinnitus;JastreboffStudies have shown that acoustic therapy is one of the main methods for the treatment of tinnitus;HenryStudies have shown that the use of sound masking therapy for patients with moderate to severe tinnitus can achieve significant results.

Many hearing aid products now also have tinnitus masking functions, which have proven to be an effective method, especially for those with severe tinnitus. Therefore, it can be said that the hearing aid can not only improve the auditory state, but also mask the tinnitus.

Wearing a hearing aid

In short, drug therapy can greatly improve the hearing of patients with sudden hearing and tinnitus, but has little effect on tinnitus. Drug therapy combined with acoustic therapy can improve hearing and tinnitus in patients with sudden hearing loss and tinnitus. Therefore, it is recommended to treat patients with sudden hearing loss and tinnitus in combination with acoustic therapy and drug therapy. However, for patients with unrecoverable hearing loss after treatment, the best recommendation is to choose a hearing aid.

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