How to prevent insects from entering our ear canal

In the summer, there are more and more bugs. We always say what to do when the bugs enter the ear canal. Then we say how to prevent the insects from entering our ear canal.

Insects into the ear canal

It’s coming soon7In the middle of the month, you will surely find more and more mosquitoes on the grass or small trees near the community, so in order to prevent insects from entering our ear canal, we should stay away from these places, I can not afford Can’t hide it, not close to those places, it greatly reduces the possibility of insects entering us.

At the same time, why do small bugs like to enter our ear canal?

Nothing is that we are dark and damp inside, which is the best place for them to live, the ideal environment.

There is no way to be dark, and whose ear canal is bright, we can’t change it. We can change it when we are wet. After we have finished bathing or washing our head, we must first wipe the moisture around our ears with a paper towel, and then Take a hair dryer and blow it into the ear canal. Keep the ear canal dry.

Another point is to dig ear lice. Many of us like to dig ear lice. There is no way, the taste of dig is really cool, but you know, deafness has a good protective effect, in case you have a special back today, one The worm flies in, and the deafness can protect your ear canal from being scratched by insects.

Remember, don’t panic when the bug enters the ear canal. If you are afraid, then you will be scared by the fingers, and you will scare the bugs. It will go deep into the ear canal, which is not only harder to come out, but also May damage the tympanic membrane. So remember that you must not panic, in the case of unsettled, unsure, you can choose to go to the hospital, ask the doctor to help you solve.

Doctor digging ear

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