What is the situation that the earphone volume is louder and louder?

Some of us just have the phenomenon that the volume of the headphones is getting louder and louder.

3Years ago, my headphones only needed to pull the volume of the third grid is enough.

2Years ago, my headphones needed to be pulled to the fourth volume.

1Years ago, my headset needed to be pulled to the fifth grid.

Now my headphones are pulled to the sixth grid and I can’t hear them.

Wearing headphones

What does this mean? Is the headset less and less used or is our ear getting worse?

The headphones are really permanent and the sound will be different, but the main reason is of course that your hearing is not good.

We must first know how the sound is produced.

The first step of the sound wave drives the air vibration into the ear canal, then hits our tympanic membrane, and then drives the small bone in the middle ear to vibrate together.

After the second step, the vibration will pass through the cochlea and then the hair cells will be vibrated, and the vibration will be converted into an electrochemical signal.

The third step is to listen to the nerves and send the electrochemical signals to the brain. After the brain understands, you can hear the sound.

To put it bluntly, the earphone volume is getting louder and louder, but our hearing is falling.

Wearing headphones has been around for a long time. The high volume will damage the auditory hair cells in our inner ear, and remember that it is irreversible damage. The auditory hair cells are fully developed when we are still in the embryo. When it is damaged, it will not continue to grow, so irreversible hearing loss will occur.

So in normal life, how do we need to use our headphones correctly?

The first one has some control over time and volume.

When we wear headphones, it is best not to exceed60Minutes, when wearing, the volume should not exceed60%If we wear headphones in a noisy environment, the volume has exceeded60%It can still be inaudible, then forget it, don’t wear it, and then turn up the volume, it will only damage our hearing.

If you still want to continue wearing it, it is best to let our ears relax and rest.

When we are sleeping, remember not to sleep with headphones. During sleep, you turn over and over. Not only do you wear the ear for a long time, but you can also hurt your ears when you wear it. Physical damage.

Secondly, we can wear noise-reducing headphones to effectively protect our hearing.

in order to5.60Years later, we can chat together with laughter and laughter. From now on, protect our ears and protect our hearing.

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