Old people don’t have good hearing. Do you need to wear a hearing aid?

Before, I saw a patient who was an old man. His child took him to consult him. He said that he had taken the elderly to have a hearing test and then found out that he had severe hearing loss. After that, he bought a hearing aid for the elderly. The price was still Not low, nearly 20,000 yuan, but the effect is not bad.

After some inquiries, I learned that the problem that the old man’s son explained is why the hearing aid is still ineffective. Is the hearing aid useless?

In fact, this is not the case. The old man can’t hear clearly because the old man’s long-term lack of contact with the voice leads to a decline in verbal discriminating ability. Another reason is that this son does not know that the hearing aid needs to be fitted. All he is casual. I bought one for the old man, and then let him bring it. As a result, the hearing aid worn by the old man does not match the hearing loss, so the effect is naturally not good.

It is important to know that hearing aids are the same as glasses and require a professional fit.

Most of us know that glasses need optometry, but we don’t know that hearing aids need to be fitted. If the hearing aids are not directly tested, they will not only be inaudible, but long-term wear will lead to more serious hearing loss. When you have hearing loss, you must go to the hospital for an examination, and then you need to wear a hearing aid before you go to the fitting.

Secondly, I still have a reason to listen to it. It is because the old man has not received the stimulation of the sound for a long time. This only requires wearing the hearing aid for a long time.okAfter a long time, let the ears listen to the sound, and the ability to recognize speech will naturally recover.

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