The cause of secretory otitis media

Come check it out today.Secretory otitis mediaWhat are the causes?

Under normal circumstancesSecretory otitis mediaCan be divided into acute and chronic,3We are called acute within weeks.3thoughtful3Within a month is called subacute,3We are called chronic for more than a month.

The incidence of children is higher than that of adults, and the spring and winter seasons are the highest incidence.

Below we need to understand the cause of secretory otitis media.

The first eustachian tube dysfunction, which can be divided into mechanical obstruction, non-mechanical obstruction and eustachian tube cleaning and defense dysfunction.

Mechanical obstruction, such as adenoid hypertrophy, hypertrophic rhinitis, etc., can cause swelling and blockage of the eustachian tube mucosal mucosa.

Non-mechanical obstruction, the muscles of the eustachian tube open by the pediatrics are weak, the elasticity of the eustachian tube cartilage is poor, the tympanic cavity is prone to negative pressure, and the negative pressure of the tympanic cavity causes the wall of the cartilage segment to collapse, resulting in a narrow lumen. Will increase the tympanic negative pressure.

Eustachian tube cleaning and defense dysfunction, the lack of mucosal surfactants can affect the clean opening and defense functions of the drum tube.

The second infection, the pathogenesis of the disease is still not understood, this disease is a low-toxic bacterial infection, the common pathogens are Haemophilus influenzae and Streptococcus pneumoniae.

The third is the allergic reaction caused by bacterial infection. Because the immune system is not healthy enough, the incidence is high. In our middle ear several pages, we detected inflammatory mediator prostaglandins, bacterial specific antibodies, interest-free Conforms to matter and complement.

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