The child’s hearing loss is caused by these reasons.

We must know that our current children will have a hearing screening at birth. After detecting the children who have not had hearing problems, they have suffered hearing loss the day after tomorrow. What is the reason?

The first reason is otitis media.

The risk of otitis media in children is still quite large, especially in the cold period, because the eustachian tube of children is relatively short and thick. When a cold is caught, the virus bacteria will quickly enter the child along the eustachian tube. In the middle ear, causing acute suppurative otitis media, then the accumulation of pus in otitis media is too much. Because it is not treated in time, or the treatment is not thorough enough, it will cause chronic suppurative otitis media, which will cause damage to hearing after a long time.

The second reason is the external factor.

External factors, including noise, trauma, etc., are caused by the child’s ear being irritated and the child’s tympanic membrane is damaged, which causes the hearing to drop. When the child makes a mistake on weekdays, don’t slap, you may make you The child’s tympanic membrane is perforated, and don’t take the child to a noisy place, such asKtv, the construction site, etc., especially in the construction site, the pile driver is smashed, the noise can be greatly90 ~ 100Decibels, plus more dust, are more dangerous.

The third reason, ototoxic drugs.

This actually emphasizes many times. Blindly giving children ototoxic drugs can cause the child’s inner ear organ to be poisoned, thus hearing loss, loss, and possibly irreversible loss, and eventually deafness.

The fourth reason is to dig ear lice.

Whether it is a child or an adult, we don’t have to dig in the ear. Our ear canal has automatic cleaning function, usually the head or body movement will fall off the ear.

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