How to maintain the hearing aid in the wet summer?

A wet and rainy summer, coupled with sweating the body, will affect the life of the hearing aid more or less, so we often hear users ask our testers such questions:“Summer is coming, what can I do to prevent hearing aids from reducing their lifespan?” In fact, this is closely related to whether you have the right maintenance hearing aids.

So how do we properly maintain our hearing aids during the summer?

method1: Keep hearing aids dry

Avoid moisture, heat and soaking. When washing your face, washing your hair, swimming, or spraying, you should remove the hearing aid. When it rains, you should take care to protect yourself from the rain. In wet seasons and areas, as well as people who sweat, pay special attention to keep dry and stick to desiccant.

method2. Avoid falling, bumping or impact

Drops, impacts or impacts can cause the hearing aid housing to rupture and damage internal components.

method3.Correct use of hearing aid batteries

A dedicated battery should be used for hearing aids. When the battery is dead, it should be replaced in time. If the battery is low, it will affect the acoustics of the hearing aid. When the hearing aid is not used for a long time, the battery should be taken out to avoid damage caused by battery liquid leakage.

Method four, keep the hearing aid clean

When replacing a new battery, if the sound hole of the hearing aid is blocked by a sputum (deaf), the sound hole should be considered. Use a shackle or small brush in the hearing aid maintenance kit to remove sagging, but do not poke too deeply. Especially for in-ear hearing aids, too deep puncture can damage the hearing aid of the earpiece.

Say here, it is important to emphasize that children’s hearing aids should pay more attention to moisture and shock than adults, so the summer should be done below.5点:

1Wash your face, wash your hair, take off when you take a bath, don’t get wet (it’s best not to wear it on rainy days or rainproof);

2.The second step. Sweat in the summer, pay attention to remove the hearing aid battery every night and put it in the dry box.

3It is best not to wear a hearing aid after bathing because the hair and ear canal are still very moist;

4.Regularly go to the Yanpei Center for drying and vacuum dehumidification. If it is not convenient, it can be blown up in the cold air of the household hair dryer.;

5.When you don’t use a hearing aid at home, put it in a dry box.

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