What does pseudo-聋 mean?

Falsely, the word everyone+It may not be particularly understandable. I will come to explain to you today what is false.

Falsely, we can also call it bluff, which means that the auditory organ has no organic lesions or only minor damage, but it is consciously exaggerating the extent of its hearing loss.


Generally, after a real hearing loss, in the design of economic compensation, patients often refer to unilateral severe deafness. Pure tone audiometry is generally used for examination. The result is large variation, acoustic impedance, and otoacoustic emission. It is normal to check the brainstem evoked potential and the vestibular function is normal.

In the diagnosis process, we should inquire about the medical history in detail, and observe the behavior of the patient, and then carry out the routine examination of the otolaryngology and the examination of the audiology. Finally, according to the type of the patient’s cause and the way of the injury, combined with the patient’s own one. Mental state and behavioral expressions are based on the results of the examination to infer whether it is false.

However, we must pay attention to the fact that we should pay attention to the identification of functional flaws when judging whether it is false or not.

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