Does the hearing aid need to be worn every day?

When our hearing patients wear hearing aids, they often ask a question. Does the hearing aid need to be worn every day?

In fact, the hearing aid has a process of adaptation. During this time, you don’t need to wear it all the time. When you spend this time, you can wear it for a long time every day.

Hearing aid wear

When we adapt, it takes time.

We only need to wear it at the beginning.2.3Hours, after you have adapted, then I will add time to each time, each time1To2Hours, step by step.

After the adaptation, in general, in addition to bathing, sleeping time, we all need to bring a hearing aid, the longer the wearing time, the greater the help for us.

Of course, some patients will say this, what do I feel is hearing loss when I remove the hearing aid?

In fact, this shows that we are wearing a hearing aid. After wearing the hearing aid for a long time, our ears and brain have become accustomed to the world of sound. When we take off the hearing aid, we suddenly return to my silent world. Naturally, there will be some Adapted, this is why many people feel that wearing a hearing aid will wear more and more.

So when we wear hearing aids every day, we pick up the fact that our hearing is unchanged. The unreliable partner can go to the fitting center or the hospital to do a hearing test. You will find that the result of the check is and before wearing. the same.

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