Do you dare to buy a hearing aid online?

Online shopping is so convenient, most of us now choose to buy online, I have encountered a lot in the store.Buy hearing aids onlineThe patient then feels bad and comes to us for help.

What I am going to say here is all the disadvantages of online shopping hearing aids. I hope everyone can understand and stop falling into this pit.

First of all, the first few points of online hearing aids bought on the Internet are not called hearing aids.

Buy a hearing aid

The name of this type of hearing aid is actually a loudspeaker. Our hearing aids are high-precision electronic products. It is necessary to analyze the sound environment through internal chips and then make noise reduction processing. Clear, listening comfortable, and the hundreds of dollars of hearing aids bought online do not have these functions, he can only amplify the sound, is amplified together with the noise, so not only uncomfortable after wearing, but also make the hearing more declining .

Second pointHearing aid purchased onlineI will not give you a hearing test.

When we go to buy hearing aids, we need to be professionally inspected. We need to know your hearing loss, nature, etc. in order to choose the hearing aids for the patients. It’s a disadvantage to buy a hearing aid indiscriminately and you are sick, and then taking medicine indiscriminately.

Third pointHearing aid purchased onlineThere is no after-sales service.

Hearing aids are a special product. Its after-sales service can be said to be a big part. When you buy a hearing aid, after-sales can be said to be very important, especially in the early days, you think it is good to buy it. ? Hearing aids need to be debugged many times. Without these after-sales debugging services, it is impossible to wear them comfortably.

At the same time, our hearing aids still require a regular maintenance. When there are some minor problems with our hearing aids, but you can’t solve them, you can take your hearing aids to the place of purchase for repairs. The hearing aids purchased in these regular places are guaranteed for a certain period of time.

So after reading the above questions, you dareBuy hearing aids online? Are you asking for trouble?

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