Prevent deafness and protect hearing

Listening to music with headphones is indeed a pleasure. Many young people are keen to put headphones on their ears anytime and anywhere, so they can have their own self-space, and they are “cool”, but everyone knows how to listen to music like this. Will hurt your ears.

So how do you minimize the damage to your ears?

Recommendation 1: Buy high quality headphones

When buying headphones, you may want to pick headphones that can block external noise to reduce the chance of increasing the volume of the Walkman due to environmental noise. Headphones are best chosen for head-mounted, which has less damage to hearing than earbuds. Because the earphones are directly plugged into the external auditory canal, the sound is not from the source, and it is sent toward the tympanic membrane. The sound is completely received by the tympanic membrane, which is more harmful to hearing.

Recommendation 2: Reduce the time to listen to music

In general, when listening to music of the same volume, the volume of the earphones is higher than the volume of the headphones by 7~9.

Listening to music is generally not more than one hour a day. After listening for a while, remove the headphones and gently rub your ears to relax your ears. Moreover, don’t wear headphones to sleep, otherwise the ear will continue to receive stimulation after the person falls asleep, and unconsciously the villus cells are damaged a lot. When listening to MP3, don’t listen to both ears, you should rotate around, and don’t plug too tightly.

Recommendation 3: Use a protective earplug in a noisy environment

In addition to listening to MP3, working, living, and playing in a noisy environment are all important causes of hearing impairment. For example, working at airports and construction sites, the noise intensity of these environments is very high (more than 90 decibels). Often in such a high-noise environment, it is best to take certain protective measures, such as wearing a protective earplug, which can be bought in general labor insurance stores, a few dollars a, can effectively block some noise and protect hearing. If you can’t find the earplugs temporarily, use cotton balls and paper balls to put them into your ears. It also has a certain protective effect.

Recommendation 4: Try to listen to music in a quiet environment

Experts believe that once the external environment becomes noisy, the output of the headphones will be affected to varying degrees. In a quiet environment, the output sound of several headphones is almost the same.

Recommendation 5: Master the 60-60 principle

People who regularly wear MP3 to listen to music should master the 60-60 principle, which is also an internationally recognized method of protecting hearing. That is, when listening to music, the volume should not exceed 60% of the maximum volume, and the continuous listening time should not exceed 60 minutes.

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