It’s too noisy to wear a hearing aid

Why do some deaf patients feel awkward after wearing a hearing aid?

I have met a patient before.70I was a few years old and learned about us online. Then I ran over and complained that I was wearing it.Hearing aidI felt too noisy in the future, but I was clean before I wore it.

I listened to this situation at the time. In fact, I probably had a few questions in my heart. I also asked the uncle a few questions.

The first question is your uncle.Hearing aidWhere did he buy it? He said that his son had been reading his ears for a long time, and then one said he would buy him aHearing aidHowever, he did not agree to feel that he was wasting money or something. In the end, he said that he still bought one. The uncle did not know which store he bought. He knew that his son bought one online and then delivered it in a few days. .

I heard that this is online purchase.Hearing aidAh, online shoppingHearing aidThe problem is indeed quite a lot.

Then I asked another question, how much did you buy from this hearing aid? The uncle also used a very complaining tone to say a few hundred dollars, and spent hundreds of dollars to buy such a thing. I knew that I didn’t buy it at the beginning, and I ruined it.

Hearing aid

In fact, many patients will have similar problems. They bought a hearing aid online, but the results are not satisfactory. Then there will be wearingHearing aidAfter that, it was a noisy phenomenon.

This is because the hearing aids bought online, we don’t say anything else, we say that the hundreds of dollars of hearing aids that Grandpa bought are, in a way, a smaller loudspeaker, which is what we call simulation. Machine, the simulator can not do noise reduction, he does not have this feature, although most of the hearing aids are now digital, but there are still5% ~ 10%The left and right merchants are selling simulators, and most of them are sold online, which is to use some people’s cheap psychology to make money.

这类Hearing aidNot only can we not protect our residual hearing after wearing it, but it will further reduce the hearing after wearing for a long time. Therefore, we advise you not to buy this kind of simulated hearing aid cheaply. When the hearing is worse, who are you crying?

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