Don’t blame the decline in hearing on age, pay attention to these points in your life.

Many people especially4.50Old people often complain that they can’t hear clearly, and their ears are not good. At this time, they often ridicule themselves and say: Hey, old, hearing loss, can’t hear clearly.

Indeed, as people age, hearing does decline, but in addition to age, many other factors in life are related.

The biggest influencing factor, the accumulation of noise.

When I was young, I was in a noisy environment for a long time, and the noise around us was everywhere, from indoors.Ktv, bars, heavy machinery processing plants to the outdoor roadside, pile drivers, etc.85Above decibels. However, our long-term exposure to these circumstances will make our hearing drop a little bit.


Chronic disease.

Chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes increase our risk of hearing loss. Patients should pay close attention to their own diseases and prevent related injuries. Excessive smoking and drinking can also cause hearing loss.

Chronic disease

Rubbing your ears.

Many people like to rub their ears. No way, when you rub your ears, it is really cool, but regular rubbing ears can damage our ear canal, which affects hearing. In general, our ear canal is automatically cleaned. The ability of the deafness to fall off automatically with the movement of our body or head. So we don’t have to lick our ears, unless you have a clogging phenomenon, but this time you are better off going to the hospital, let the doctor help you, don’t dig your ears in order to save such money.


Therefore, many points in life are worthy of our attention. On weekdays, the ear protection is good, and the old one is not so serious as the hearing loss.

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