Relax your ears and be careful about hearing fatigue

Do you know that our body is fatigued in addition to the obvious physical fatigue caused by back pain?

In fact, we are hard to feel in peacetime.

In general, we stay in a noisy environment for a period of time, which will cause a temporary hearing threshold shift, which makes our hearing slow, but this situation usually lasts for a long time. This phenomenon has a profession. The term is called temporary hearing threshold shift, also known as auditory fatigue.

Hearing loss

Auditory fatigue is a temporary physiological phenomenon. Our inner ear hearing organs are not damaged yet, so hearing fatigue can also be recovered by ourselves. The specific recovery time depends on the degree of our hearing fatigue.

Generally mild hearing fatigue can be restored in a quiet environment for a few hours, but if the degree of hearing fatigue is severe, or if we are already in hearing fatigue, continue to contact the noise on our ears. Stimulation can cause permanent hearing loss, which is commonly known as noise-induced hearing loss.

Therefore, not only does our body need to rest and relax, but our hearing also needs appropriate relaxation.

Long-term or continuous noise can cause irreversible damage to our hearing, so even if we are used to listening to songs with headphones, enjoy the thrill of heavy metal music, for our hearing health,Jinghao medical hearingIt is recommended that you do not stay in this kind of strong sound environment for a long time, and you need to properly control the volume and wear time of your headphones.66Law, the so-called volume does not exceed60%Do not wear more than60minute.

When we experience hearing loss, we must seek medical treatment as soon as possible, intervene in time, and then carry out targeted treatment. When necessary, we can choose to wear hearing aids to improve our lives.

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