Why do you have to buy a hearing aid?

Why do you want to sayBuy a hearing aidMust have after-sales protection? How important is the after-sales of hearing aids? Do you understand?

Buy a hearing aidUnlike us who usually buy a cup of water and buy a towel, it is good to buy a hearing aid. Any hearing patient must continue to do regular after-sales service when purchasing a hearing aid, including evaluating the hearing aid effect, freely debugging the hearing aid, and regularly reviewing the hearing. These points are quite important.

when weWearing a hearing aidAfter a period of time, when the sound is not well heard and can’t be heard, we need the patient to go back to the purchased fitting center to review the hearing, and then wait for the hearing test report to be debugged before the hearing aid can be debugged. Listen again. This phenomenon is often encountered.

Buy a hearing aid

If there is no such after-sales service, it costs a million yuan to buy a hearing aid. After wearing it, the effect is not satisfactory. For various reasons, it is uncomfortable to wear, and it does not sound clear. It is a headache for the user.

Secondly, hearing aids are high-precision electronic products. We areWearing a hearing aidIn the process, because of improper operation or other external factors, it is inevitable that some minor faults will occur. If we buy hearing aids online, there is no warranty. If you have these problems, you can only take photos. The next store to repair, because you are not in that shop to buy, repair once to pay once, repair ten times will have to pay ten times, you say that the money is worth it.

Another point is about the life of hearing aids. The hearing aids that are generally purchased at the fitting center are all free of charge for several years. This is to increase the life of the hearing aid. The life of the hearing aid is generally6 ~ 8Around the year, if you don’t maintain it often, maybe the hearing aid only used one3.4Years are damaged, if you are in place, use a10Year is no problem, before we have a customer here, a hearing aid is used16In the year, it can be seen that the maintenance work of hearing aids is very important.

Hearing aid maintenance

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