Several causes of perforation of the tympanic membrane

Tympanic membrane perforationIt means that there is a hole in the tympanic membrane. Here are some reasons for the perforation of the tympanic membrane.

The first type of ear inflammation causedTympanic membrane perforation.

In addition to external auditory canal, it is generally referred to as otitis media, because the infection caused by the direction of the eustachian tube is more common in infants and young children. Because of this stage, the children’s eustachian tube is larger, thicker, and more straight, some nose. Some secretions, etc., easily pass through the eustachian tube and then flow into or into the middle ear, causing acute otitis media, which then causes the middle ear to purulate, and the pus can corrode the tympanic membrane, eventually causingTympanic membrane perforation.

Otitis media

The second is caused by noise.Tympanic membrane perforation.

Suddenly, high intensity noise will causeTympanic membrane perforationAlthough this is rare, it does exist, so we still have to stay away from the noise source on weekdays. A thin layer of tympanic membrane is broken.


The third type is caused by traumaTympanic membrane perforation.

Mainly because of the sudden and sudden changes in the external atmospheric pressure. On weekdays, our slap in the face will also cause the tympanic membrane to be perforated. Also, when we are on the plane, the pressure on the external auditory canal changes sharply due to the impotence of the eustachian tube. It will also crush the tympanic membrane to cause perforation.

Fan slap

When we appearTympanic membrane perforationRemember not to let the ear canal enter the water, usually a small wound mouth we have a few weeks to a month, it will automatically heal, but if you are a large area of ​​perforation, the possibility of automatic healing is relatively small, In patients who have not healed for several months and have two months of dry ear, they can be surgically repaired and filled with the tympanic membrane. Here, the dry ear means that there is no secretion in the middle ear cavity and the external auditory canal.

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