How long does the hearing aid last? How can it be extended?

Hearing aidIt is a highly compact electronic product. It is composed of various electronic components such as chips, receivers, and microphones. Generally, the life of hearing aids is5 ~ 8Around the year, according to personal habits, maintenance conditionsHearing aidThere are certain differences in factors such as brand, and the maintenance of hearing aids can also be used.10More than a year.

So how do you extend the life of your hearing aid?

First we are atWearing a hearing aidBefore you need to make sure your hands are dry and clean, if there is moisture or stain on your hands, it will damage our machine. If the anti-scaling net of the microphone is covered with dirt such as pollutants or dust, it will affect the hearing aid. Received sound.

Then, if we are wearing a custom-made hearing aid, we need to clean the ear canal regularly to prevent the ear canal from causing sputum embolism. If you are an oily ear canal, you need to use a cotton swab or cotton swab every day to put the ear canal inside. Grease clean and preventHearing aidThe receiver is eroded.

Drying box

When we go to sleep every day, we need to open the battery compartment door of the hearing aid, and then put it into the dry box dedicated to our hearing aids for drying.Hearing aidThe desiccant in the drying box needs to be replaced periodically. When the desiccant is discolored, it indicates that the replacement is made.

我们 的Hearing aidAs long as it is purchased under the online store, there are several years of warranty. The hearing aid needs to be returned to the fitting center regularly for a professional maintenance. Generally, this time is3 ~ 6About a month.

When the battery of the hearing aid is dead, it needs to be replaced in time to prevent battery leakage.Hearing aidOther parts.

In swimming, bathing, shampooing, washing your face, everything will touch the water, we don’t wear hearing aids, although many nowHearing aidIt’s waterproof, but it’s just for the sake of it, don’t try it.

If the hearing aid has failed for some reason, you must not disassemble it and try to repair it. It is very likely that you will not be able to go back after the disassembly. If there is a problem, you should bring it to the fitting center and let the staff there. Repairs, if the people there can not solve, they will return directly to the factory for repair.

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