Popular science: 耵聍 embolization

Today, let’s take a look at the sputum plug.

Embolization is caused by excessive accumulation of sputum in the external auditory canal, which blocks the symptoms of the external auditory canal.

The cause of embolism is due to excessive secretion of sputum or obstruction due to discharge; stimulation of inflammation of the external auditory canal; excessive narrowing of the external auditory canal or poor self-cleaning ability, such as muscle relaxation in the elderly, weakness of the mandibular joint movement, etc. discharge.


The clinical manifestations are generally when the external auditory canal is completely blocked by the tendon, there will be hearing loss, ear suffocation, sputum tympanic membrane will appear tinnitus, dizziness symptoms, may also cause reflex cough due to stimulation of the vagus nerve, If you swell after water, there will be earache. Check that there are yellow or brownish black hard masses in the external auditory canal. Of course, there will be soft muddy sputum to close the ear canal.

The treatment method is also relatively simple. For the movable, small sputum can be taken directly by instruments such as guns or shackles. Harder sputum can be used.5%After the sodium bicarbonate has been softened, it can be taken out with the above-mentioned device. For patients with otitis externa, the inflammation should be controlled before the sputum is removed.

Finally, pay attention to the patient’s patience and carefulness, do not damage the external auditory canal skin and tympanic membrane.

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