What is the difference in the price gap of hearing aids?

Hearing aid priceUsually it is one to two thousand yuan to several tens of thousands.

Why do the prices vary greatly when the hearing aids look the same?

Hearing aid price

First of all, according to the different levels of the internal chip and the configuration of the spare parts, the appearance of the hearing aid is almost the same, and the consumer feels the difference. The performance of different levels of chips differs by a few dozen times. This is not surprising, just like a computer, in appearance, but there is a big difference in speed and display.

The second hearing aid must be accurately fitted and cannot be purchased at will! Hearing aids that have not been properly tested can seriously damage the patient’s residual hearing!

The third option is long-term reliable after-sales service. High-quality hearing aids are usually more expensive and can be used for many years. The patient needs to go to a professional institution for the maintenance and repair of the hearing aid and re-commission the hearing aid according to the hearing changes. Therefore, you should choose a well-established, quality service, well-equipped professional hearing aid store, and authorized hearing aids from well-known factories.

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