The difference between otitis media and otitis externa

Otitis media and otitis externa are common ear diseases, which can cause the patient’s hearing to decline to a certain extent, causing certain harm to the human body. So, what is the difference between otitis media and otitis externa?

1, different levels of hearing impact

The middle ear is inside the eardrum and includes three delicate ear bones. The outer ear refers to the ear and the ear canal. Otitis media is inflammation of the middle ear, often a painful complication caused by an upper respiratory tract infection such as a common cold or throat infection.

External auditory canal and external auditory canal are inflammatory lesions of the external auditory canal skin. The external auditory canal is limited and purulent; the ear pain during the attack, the pain is increased when opening mouth, chewing and yawning, and the ear contour or the pressure ear screen has obvious pain. External auditory canal has little effect on hearing and is the difference between it and acute otitis media.

2, different symptoms

When the head of otitis media is leaning forward or leaning to the healthy side, the hearing can be temporarily improved (displacement hearing improvement) due to the effusion leaving the snail. When the effusion is thick, the hearing may not change due to head position changes. Children often have a slow response to the voice, lack of concentration, and the academic performance is reduced and the parents receive medical treatment.

The external auditory canal is often in the outer ear canal, showing a localized bulge. After the abscess is formed, the top becomes soft. After the pus is mature, it can be broken by itself. A small amount of thick pus is often discharged, often with bloodshot. The pain is quickly relieved. When the external auditory canal is swollen, the skin of the external auditory canal is red and swollen, and a small amount of purulent secretion can be turned into chronic when the acute treatment is improper. There are also chronic manifestations of onset, such as external ear canal discomfort, slight pain, slight itching, a small amount of yellow secretions or dander.

The difference between otitis media and otitis externa: accurate diagnosis of otoscope

The difference between otitis media and otitis externa requires examination with a scientific professional instrument, the ear endoscope.

The device enlarges the lesion to tens of times or even hundreds of times. The lesion is enlarged and displayed clearly on the TV screen, allowing the doctor to understand the condition clearly, accurately and intuitively. The diagnostic accuracy is up to 99%, which can be easily diagnosed. Otitis media condition. After the diagnosis, the individualized diagnosis and treatment plan, the operation of the ear endoscope and the ear microscope, the multiple operations for the treatment, fine and safe, can achieve the purpose of hearing reconstruction and thorough treatment of otitis media and otitis externa.

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