Auricular trauma of ear trauma

Auricular trauma can occur alone, although it can happen when the head and face are injured.

Because the auricle is exposed, it is also more susceptible to all kinds of contusions, cuts, lacerations, burns, frostbite and so on. Generally, contusions and lacerations are more common. If the injury is not properly treated, cartilage necrosis, perichondritis, and auricular deformities may occur. In severe cases, cauliflower ears may also form.

Mild auricle contusion is often caused by skin abrasions or local redness, and generally can be self-healing. In severe cases, the blood vessels can be ruptured, and then the blood is deposited between the cartilage and the perichondrium, thereby forming a hematoma, and there are no other symptoms other than local pain.

A laceration is a small gap. In severe cases, there will be tissue defects, tearing of the auricle or complete tearing. If not treated in time, infection will cause suppurative perichondritis, resulting in auricular deformity.

If it is auricular trauma during treatment,24Cold packs should be used within an hour, and ice packs should be placed in the auricle position to prevent further bleeding. If there is less oozing, it can be self-healing. If there is more oozing, it is necessary to puncture in the case of disinfection, withdraw the liquid, and then pressurize the dressing.48Hours, antibiotics are used to prevent infection during treatment.


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