How to judge whether our optional hearing aids are good or not

Parents who often consult hearing aids will ask which hearing aids are good. Where should I go for fitting? For these questions, I want to tell you that the fitting of hearing aids must first be of good quality. a value2Wanzhi3Ten thousand high-end hearing aids, if there is no qualified audiologist or hearing aid fitter to debug, it is a pile of waste plastic.

Even if you spend a lot of money to buy the most advanced hearing aids, if you don’t have a scientific fit, just adjust it casually, this kind of hearing aid will only harm you. Long-term wear can not only improve the hearing, but also permanently destroy the ear, making people lose the confidence of life, and the temper will become more violent.

Many parents choose hearing aids for their children and ask which hearing aids are good. However, this kind of problem is not rigorous enough. Because it is the fitting of hearing aids,FitIn front of us,Hearing aidIn the back, that is to say, the choice of the fitting institution or hearing center is our primary consideration.

So how do you think about it?Which hearing aid is good?What? From the following references, you can see if the fitting center you selected has completed this operation.

Hearing aid fitting

the first.Is there a qualified audiologist?/Hearing aid fitter?

Qualified audiologist/Hearing aid fitters should have a high level of listening expertise and technology, be able to provide auditory management and rehabilitation counseling services, develop personalized solutions for people with different hearing disabilities, proactively identify other diseases that require medical assistance, and analyze the condition according to the condition. Propose solutions and referrals.

Second, is there a standardized hearing test room and hearing instrument?

Everyone’s hearing situation is different. The hearing room (also known as the soundproof room, sound field) and related hearing instruments have the ability to accurately check the details of hearing loss. If you don’t even have this, the hearing that is tested out is definitely not accurate.

Third, whether the “most comfortable volume” and “uncomfortable volume” were measured during hearing aid fitting

Modern hearing aids use a volume gain adjustment algorithm that maximizes the external sound to the most comfortable level for hearing loss patients while reducing harsh environmental noise. However, this method is tailored to each ear. If the average is omitted, the maximum effect of the hearing aid cannot be achieved.

Fourth, have you done real ear analysis?

True ear analysis is actually a test of hearing aid performance in the ear of a hearing loss patient, which is the best way to objectively confirm the benefits of a hearing aid. Each ear is unique, even on the same head. Through real ear analysis, the hearing aid fitter can also confirm that the hearing aid adjustment results are appropriate.

fifth.Whether to explain the hearing management or rehabilitation program to patients with hearing loss

Hearing aids are not a one-time choice, and no responsible hearing aid fitter will do this. All new hearing loss patients wearing hearing aids will undergo an acclimation period, during which we need to learn the function of hearing aids, learn how to operate and maintain ourselves, and learn how to integrate hearing aids into everyday life.

At the same time, we also recorded the performance of hearing aids in various scenarios and environments. Whether or not we hear it clearly in a particular environment, or if the sound is appropriate, this data should be recorded and it is very helpful when adjusting the machine. The first person wearing a hearing aid recommends adjusting the machine for a one-month, three-month and half-year speech test and feeding back the hearing aid to the hearing aid fitter, who will provide advice based on these feedbacks.

sixth.Whether to provide other hearing aids or life aids

Only one hearing aid does not solve all the problems of the hearing impaired. The hearing aid fitter should have the quality to provide personalized service to the client and can propose solutions from the feedback of the hearing impaired. In addition to hearing aids, there are many different hearing aids and life aids that can help improve the quality of life. The number of users who own these devices (egFMEquipment, Bluetooth companion, etc., can maximize the advantages of hearing aids. Our ultimate goal is not only to hear hearing-impaired patients, but also to have confidence in learning, working, and participating in social activities, such as hearing-impaired people.

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