What should I do if there is a foreign body in the external auditory canal?

In fact, the appearance of foreign bodies in the external auditory canal is still quite a lot, especially in the spring and summer, during the time when mosquitoes are raging, insects or other foreign objects can enter the ear canal whether in adults or children.

Generally, children’s ear canals are too small. Most of their ear canal foreign bodies are curious when they are playing. They will put all kinds of foreign objects into their ear canals, such as beans, small fruit cores, glass beads, etc. More are foreign objects left behind during ear or trauma, or some insects are mistaken into the ear canal.

External ear canal foreign body

The clinical manifestations vary depending on the size and type of the foreign body. Small, non-irritating and non-living foreign bodies do not cause any symptoms, and living creatures, that is, those insects will crawl because they are in the ear canal. It can cause different degrees of ear pain and noise, which can easily make the patient feel terrified and may even damage the tympanic membrane.

However, plant-like foreign matter such as beans may swell and block the external auditory canal if it encounters water, causing a feeling of nausea, earache, and hearing loss, and may also cause otitis externa, if it is a sharp foreign body than if the nucleus, It is likely to cause damage to the tympanic membrane, causing otitis media, hearing loss and other symptoms.

In the face of these foreign objects, if it is an insect-like foreign body, you can first drop oil, alcohol or ether into the ear canal, and then take out the insects after anesthesia or kill. If it is a moth-like insect, you can share the light method. Use their phototaxis to pull the worm out of the ear canal, but this is not effective for beetles.

In the face of beans that are inflated after being soaked in water, plant foreign bodies can be used first.95%The ether solution was dehydrated and reduced, and then taken out.

If the foreign body does not pass through the isthmus of the external auditory canal and is not incarcerated, it can be taken out directly with the hook, if the foreign body is too large, and it is also embedded in the deep part of the external auditory canal. Need to be removed after local anesthesia or general anesthesia. Patients with inflammatory infections of the external auditory canal should first undergo anti-infective treatment, and remove the foreign body after the inflammation has subsided.

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