The same hearing aid, why the effect is so big?

Hearing aids are obviously the same. Why are the gaps between different people wearing them so big?

In fact, there are four main reasons for this:

The first type: each person’s hearing loss is different.

Hearing aidFor patients with moderate hearing loss, the effect is better. For the same hearing aid, you are a mild hearing loss patient, while the other person is a severe hearing loss patient. The effect after wearing is naturally different.

The second type: different people’s hearing loss time is different from the intervention time.

We all say that when we find that we have hearing loss, we should promptly intervene in treatment, but there are always some people who don’t care too much, and then drag on and delay, eventually leading to severe hearing and irreversibility. So even though the two people have the same level of hearing loss, one person intervenes immediately after the discovery, and the other person intervenes after three months, and the result is definitely different.

The third type: different people have different adaptations to hearing aids.

Depending on the person, hearing loss, age, and other conditions, the timing and process of adaptation will vary.

The fourth type: the hearing loss caused by different diseases is also different.

Not everyone suffers from hearing loss caused by the same disease, such as hearing loss caused by otosclerosis and otitis media. The effect after wearing is also different.

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