Hearing is getting worse

Ear sclerosisWe also call it otosclerosis, which is a disease that should be replaced by a cavernous new bone that is unexplained for the cause of bone loss and then ossified and hardened.

The cause is still unknown. Some people think that it is related to genetics, ethnicity, and endocrine and metabolic disorders. In recent years, more scholars believe thatEar sclerosisThe disease is autosomal dominant.

Ear sclerosisClinical manifestations generally have a progressive slow-and-increased hearing loss without predisposing, mostly unilateral deafness in the early stage, and most of the later development will be bilateral. At the same time, it is often accompanied by tinnitus, which is usually a low-pitched tone. It may be continuous or intermittent. Some patients may have dizziness. Female patients may also accelerate the development of the disease because of incentives such as sputum and childbirth.

We are treatingEar sclerosisMost of the time, surgery is the main treatment, there is no drug for the prevention and treatment of otosclerotic lesions. The drugs in the trial phase are sodium fluoride and chondroitin sulfate. Patients who are unfit for surgery or who are unwilling to undergo surgery may choose to wear a hearing aid.

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