What are the causes of conductive hearing loss?

1.Ear malformation: including external auditory canal atresia, auricular deformity or disappearance, ossicular chain malformation or disappearance, cauliflower-like ear, etc., can lead to conductive hearing loss;

2.Embolization: A common cause of conductive hearing loss. Usually it is discharged in the direction of the external auditory canal. Sometimes it accumulates in the ear canal, forming a foreign body that partially or completely blocks the ear canal. The ear canal is completely blocked and there is hearing loss. Do not listen to the hearing or wear a hearing aid before removing it.

3.Eczema of the outer ear: The weak hearing person feels itching and pain in the outer ear or the external auditory canal, and the skin of the external auditory canal is red and swollen. If the swelling is not serious and does not affect the hearing, hearing measurements can be made, but the hearing aid cannot be selected immediately;

4.External auditory canal inflammation: inflammation of the outer ear part. Under normal circumstances, if the swelling is not severe, it will not cause hearing loss.

5.External ear canal polyps: Polyps are formed by the growth of cartilage in the ear canal. When you have any polyps, you should go to the hospital in time for treatment.

6.Collapse of the external auditory canal: related to age, the older the age, the more serious the collapse. Collapse of the external auditory canal can result in partial or complete obstruction of the ear canal. Lifting the auricle up or back can make the ear canal open;

7.Tympanic membrane perforation: caused by inflammation, foreign body, fracture, blasting or tinnitus. Small perforations can lead to10db-15dbLoss, but small perforations usually heal on their own. Large perforations must be surgically repaired.

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