Why are deaf patients still arguing?

Some deaf patients are whispered and loud, and they are too loud. They don’t understand themselves, and their families can’t figure out why.

In fact, this phenomenon is called re-vibration in clinical practice.

So what is the resurgence phenomenon?

Re-vibration, also known as reverberation, is a pathological phenomenon. Generally, re-vibration is one of the most obvious features of patients with sensorineural deafness, which refers to an abnormal increase in the loudness of the sound. Reappearing the image directly causes a change in the dynamic range of the hearing, narrowing the range of sound intensity perceived by the patient.

Here is an example for us. When we talk, the voice doubles, so the voice that the normal person hears is only doubled. The voice of the speech is increased tenfold, twenty times, and the sound heard by normal people. It is also a corresponding increase of ten times, twenty times. However, for the revived patients, after our voice doubles, the sound they hear is often five times, ten times or even higher.

Revitalization is the most fundamental cause of deafness. Revitalization is a common phenomenon, but it has not been known by deaf people and even most otologists.

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