Senile deafness needs to be taken seriously

Senile deafnessIt refers to the deafness caused by the aging of the auditory system.60The incidence rate of the elderly over the age of 30%.70The incidence rate of the elderly over the age of 40%.80The incidence rate of the elderly over the age of 60%. If you are a sensorineural hearing loss, you will also be accompanied by tinnitus and decreased language recognition.

Senile deafness

Currently consideredSenile deafnessIt is because of the increase in age, the aging process of the auditory organs and other body tissues and organs, and the physiological phenomenon of hearing loss.

SufferingSenile deafnessAfter the two most common phenomena, one is hearing loss, and the other is tinnitus.

The first is hearing loss, which literally means inaudible and inaudible. In a noisy environment, patients with senile deafness have a poorer understanding of speech, often accompanied by severe symptoms, which is what we often say that others can’t hear softly. But speaking loudly is too noisy.

Then the tinnitus, suffering fromSenile deafnessMost of the time, there are high-pitched tinnitus, which can be intermittent and sustainable.

预防Senile deafnessWe should pay attention to daily diet, reduce fat intake, quit smoking and alcohol, lower blood fat, if you have other cardiovascular diseases, you should actively treat them, avoid using ototoxic drugs, and we need to combine work and rest, you can have more time on weekdays. Do sports and keep your mood comfortable.

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