Older people are older, can’t hear ears need to wear hearing aids?

As China’s population ages, more and more elderly people suffer from hearing loss. Although there are some elderly people, even if hearing loss is not taken seriously, there are also a group of people who want to wear hearing aids, but for various reasons, they are afraid or unable to wear hearing aids.

But in fact, hearing loss has a great impact on the lives of the elderly.

Senile deafness

As the hearing of the elderly gradually declines, they are more and more listening to the exchanges between family and friends. At home, they are often sitting alone. At the beginning, the family will increase the number of conversations with the elderly, but often answer questions. Repeated many times, people over time will feel bored, impatient, so that they get bored, and in the end they will be lazy.

Communicating with people is the spiritual need of people. If you don’t communicate with others for a long time, it will change people’s personality, and finally become a lonely and irritable personality.

So when we find that the old man’s hearing is having problems, don’t take it seriously, feel that it can drag and drop, and it’s too late to hear it.

We wear hearing aids that can be used to characterize aging hearing loss, with a high-pitched voice.

The elderly can improve the quality of life after wearing the hearing aid. It will be more convenient and safe when going out. Some door bells and car horns can be heard after wearing the hearing aid. Secondly, the elderly can communicate with others after listening to it. It is also more convenient and easy, and can better chat with others to prevent dementia.

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