How about the hearing aid of the price 500?

Hearing aid priceIt can be said that the magnitude is relatively large, from a few hundred yuan to several tens of thousands of dollars, let’s talk about the price.500What about the hearing aids around the yuan?

In fact, these hearing aids are more suitable for hearing patients with severe and above economic conditions. Most of these patients are in a silent world. After wearing such hearing aids, they can let them hear what they could not hear before. Sound and language, but the comfort of wearing is definitely not high, the signal resolution is relatively poor, meaning that in a crowded place, or outdoors, watching TV, the environment in the call is not ideal. of.

Secondly, most of these hearing aids are analog machines. This function does not have noise reduction processing. That is to say, this is a loudspeaker. He will receive all the sounds and transmit them to your ear. All the sounds are It is a one-on-one enlargement. Not only the speech of the speech, but also the noise outside will be magnified together, which will lead to a situation that you feel very noisy. However, after hearing aids for a long time, there will still be a further decline in hearing. The phenomenon of.

Hearing aid priceThe upper and lower floats are larger. When we purchase the price of a hearing aid, we should choose according to our own hearing loss, and also consider the factors such as the economic situation of the family.

Hearing aid price

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