How to wear a hearing aid is comfortable

When talking about hearing aid fitting to patients, you can use new shoes as a metaphor. Few people can wear 15 hours and feel comfortable after buying new shoes. It is very difficult to find a pair of comfortable shoes, and to achieve a satisfactory hearing aid test. Matching is even harder than buying new shoes because it requires skill, hard work and good luck. Patients must understand that the hearing aid selection is a continuous process. After the selection, it is necessary to go to the fitting center frequently to ensure the correctness of the selection, the appropriate amount of amplification and whether the patient can operate the hearing aid correctly.

For the simplest problem of wearing, it is not important that the fitter can easily take the hearing aid from the patient’s ear. What is important is that the patient must be able to wear and remove the hearing aid. If the patient has difficulty, the fitter should consider how to improve or even change the fitting method. The long ear canal and the elastic ear wheel may be helpful for acoustic amplification, but if the patient cannot easily access the hearing aid, the above benefits are similar.

There have been patients who used baby moisturizers during the first week of wearing a hearing aid to reduce the friction when wearing a hearing aid, but this can only be used as a temporary method and cannot be used permanently. Some patients feel that the hearing aid is too tight, so they like to pull the hearing aid out, but it is useless, because it just shifts the tender point to the position. If the fitter finds a tender point (red point) in the ear canal, only careful observation of the patient’s insertion of the hearing aid will determine if the height of the hearing aid housing needs to be worn away. When you look closely at how the patient inserts the hearing aid, you will often find that the hearing aid is not placed in the correct position because of anger or impatience.

Some patients, especially elderly patients over the age of 80, have an aging tissue that makes their skin very slack, and the surface and deep layers are not as tight as young people. In this case, the correct insertion of the hearing aid becomes problem. The tightness of the hearing aid is obviously not appropriate. The best solution at the moment is to use the lubricant and insert it carefully. For this type of patient, first let them apply a small amount of baby moisturizer in the ear canal every night. It is recommended not to wash the ear and clean the ear canal. Most of these patients are dry skin. Long-term use of baby moisturizer can help the ear. The skin is lubricated, making it easier to bring the hearing aids together. If you need to recommend a long-term use of moisturizers (over 2 weeks), tell them to use them only before going to bed at night, so that the moisturizer can be fully absorbed.

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