How to do when the ear is in the water when swimming

At the end of July, the beginning of August is the hottest time. Swimming is a great project for us to solve the heat.

Because the water has a certain tension, it enters the narrow external auditory canal to form a barrier and divides the external auditory canal into two segments. Due to the gravity of the water, a secondary pressure is generated between the water barrier and the tympanic membrane, maintaining the balance of pressure on both sides of the water barrier. Water does not easily flow out automatically.

When our ears are in the water, they will be depressed, hearing loss, dizziness, etc. It can be said that it is quite uncomfortable. At this time, people will definitely want to get the water out, even using keys, bamboo sticks, etc. Sharp objects puncture this layer of water, although it may be lucky to poke the water out to make it flow out, but it is very easy to hurt our ear canal and even the tympanic membrane. Once damaged, it will cause infection, leading to hearing loss in ear diseases. of.

Ear water

So what is the correct way to do when our ears are soaked in water?

The first one: the jumping method.

Put the water in the ear down, then jump on the dead, use gravity to let the water out.

Second: active ear canal method.

Continuous use of the palm of the hand to oppress the tragus, and then repeatedly open the mouth, chew, these movements of the temporomandibular joint, so that the external auditory canal up and down to make the water flow out.

The third type: the cleanup method.

Use a clean cotton swab and slowly penetrate into the external auditory canal. Once you reach it, you can suck out the water.

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