How to prevent tympanic membrane trauma

Our tympanic membrane is very fragile, a thin, translucent film with a thickness of only about0.1Millimeter. So how do we prevent tympanic membrane trauma in our daily lives?

the first, We must keep the external auditory canal clean and dry at all times, wipe the water stains in the external auditory canal, and remove foreign objects or sputum from the external auditory canal.

second, You can’t use your nose to blow your nose. If you have a snot, you can inhale it and spit it out. Although it is disgusting, this is indeed a way to protect our tympanic membrane. Once an infection has occurred, causing suppurative otitis media, it is necessary to treat it in time.

third, At the same time, it is forbidden to wash our external auditory canal with water, and do not drop any medicine into the ear canal, which will easily cause middle ear infection.

When we find that our tympanic membrane is perforated, we should go to the hospital in time for the doctor to help you. Remember not to take water into the ear, so that the bacteria enter the ear and cause infection.

Tympanic membrane trauma

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