Hearing loss can affect what aspects of life

Hearing lossNot a small problem, once you haveHearing lossThe problem of not only the ears in the future will affect many things in our lives.

When communicating with others, because you haveHearing lossOften, people will be asked to repeat their speeches. It will inevitably lead to unpleasant phenomena and affect interpersonal relationships.

You may not want to happen this kind of thing. In order to avoid the embarrassing phenomenon that people often repeat when speaking, you will choose not to communicate with others, so as to shield yourself, gradually forming a kind of lonely psychology, and even cause Grumpy, depressed and so on.

Above the work, especially some important meetings, because you haveHearing lossOften, I can’t hear what other people are talking about, and can’t communicate effectively with others, thus misunderstanding or missing some important decisions, affecting their work and the company’s development.

At the same time, the health of the person and hisHearing lossThe degree is also related. There are a number of studies that show that the health of the elderly with hearing loss is measured first, and then they are wearing hearing aids.3After another month of measurement, they found that their physical health and mental health have improved significantly.

Hearing loss

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