Otological examination items and functions

A large number of medical research and hearing aid fitting practices have proved that hearing aid fitting must undergo detailed ear examination, accurate and complete hearing test, comprehensive assessment of hearing loss, and discharge of hearing aids for contraindications before a reasonable, scientific hearing aid can be performed. Fit.

Detailed medical history, understand the causes of hearing loss and the onset of the disease, to clearly diagnose the otoscopy of the ear and tympanic membrane, to see the size and direction of the ear canal, whether there is embolism or foreign body, whether there are abnormal symptoms such as inflammation and secretion. Prepare for follow-up hearing tests and assist with diagnosis and hearing aid fitting.

High-definition ear fluoroscopy image examination, further clear examination of the ear canal and tympanic membrane, to determine whether there are abnormal results, whether there are referral indicators.

Tympanic acoustic impedance test: Objectively test the function of the middle ear sound system, determine the middle ear disease, and identify the various lesions on the reflective path.

Otological examination items and functions

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