How do the elderly protect their hearing?

All of them have a hearing loss phenomenon, and people generally arrive.60If you are older than one year, you will have deafness, hearing loss and other phenomena. This is inevitable. According to the physical characteristics of different people, living habits may be delayed or advanced. This is caused by the decay of the hearing organs, which we commonly callSenile deafness.

Senile deafness

So how should the elderly protect their hearing, prevention?Senile deafnessWe have to pay attention to these points:

The first point, Maintain a happy mood. If a person is in a state of tension, anxiety, irritability and other mental states for a long time, it will easily cause blood pressure to rise. Over time, it will cause hearing loss.

Second point, Quit smoking and alcohol. The diseases caused by the two things, tobacco and alcohol, are too much damage to the body. Basically, the cardiovascular diseases we are familiar with are related to these. Long-term smoking will increase the amount of nicotine in the blood, and the blood will stick. Increased consistency causes insufficient blood supply to the inner ear, which causes hearing loss and senile deafness.

The third point, Keep away from all kinds of noise sources. Long-term in a noisy environment will not only make our mood annoyed, but also cause noise deafness. If you have already suffered from deafness, you can wear a hearing aid to protect your residual hearing.

fourth point, Pay attention to eating foods rich in vitamins and zinc, iron and calcium. In terms of eating, it is necessary to eat more fruits, vegetables and vegetables, less oil and salt, less sugar, and more to eat beans, can achieve the effect of diet and health care.

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