How to maintain our hearing aids in the hot summer

Summer is a hot and humid season, coupled with the body is prone to sweating, if the hearing aid maintenance is not in place, it will definitely reduce its life, often customers will leave a message on our official website, such a hot day, How can I maintain my hearing aid?

Hearing aid moisture protection

First of all, the hearing aid needs to be kept dry. Because it is rainy and humid in summer, it is necessary to avoid the moisture of the hearing aid. When we wash our hair, we should take off the hearing aid. When it rains, we must also be careful not to get rain. Always use a hearing aid desiccant every night.

Secondly, avoid hearing loss and breakage of the hearing aid. Some collisions or shocks will cause the hearing aid’s outer casing to rupture and internal parts to be damaged.

When using a hearing aid, you need to use a professional hearing aid battery. If the battery is not powered and not replaced in time, it will affect the use of the hearing aid.

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