How to maintain a hearing aid at home?

Hearing aid cleaning:1.Customized hearing aids should be cleaned at least twice a week; for oil ears, it is recommended to clean them once a day. Wipe the hearing aid with a cotton ball or soft cotton paper (cloth). When not in use, place the hearing aid in a dry box. The discoloration of the desiccant should be replaced in time.;

Hearing aid housing available75%Alcohol cotton ball disinfection,

1.For suppurative otitis media, during the pus, do not wear hearing aids as much as possible to avoid aggravating inflammation and damaging the hearing aid. Because the secretions tend to cause the hearing aid to get wet, it is also corrosive and can easily damage the hearing aid receiver.

2.Hearing aids are moisture-proof and waterproof: hearing aids are electronic products. When it is raining, washing your hair or swimming, you must remove the hearing aid. If you accidentally wet the hearing aid, wipe it off in time and put it in a dry box or electronic treasure. Do not use fire. Bake, high temperature drying, microwave oven, etc. In summer, due to excessive air and excessive sweat, the electronic dryer should be used in time to dehumidify the hearing aid.

3.Other protections for hearing aids: Replace old batteries that are no longer usable in time, and do not use inferior batteries. . If you do not use the hearing aid for a long period of time, be sure to remove the battery to prevent the battery from leaking and corroding the movement. Do not wear a hearing aid when spraying hair spray to avoid clogging the sound hole.

4.Regularly go to the store to maintain dehumidification.

Never use sharp objects to break into the sound hole and sound hole.

Do not expose your hearing aid to strong sunlight or near a heat source. Do not use a heat source such as a hair dryer, oven or microwave oven to bake the hearing aid. Overheating can easily damage your hearing aid.

Carefully handle your hearing aids to prevent them from falling on hard objects and to avoid strong impact or impact on the hearing aids. The hearing aids consist of precision acoustic components, especially the receivers are susceptible to vibration damage. Strong damage will shorten the life of the component, which can cause damage to the hearing aid.

Other notes:

Please place the hearing aid, accessories, and battery in a place that is out of reach of children to prevent swallowing and cause an accident.


1.Prevent hearing aids from being corroded by battery leaks. Do not take the battery out for a long time. After the hearing aid is removed at night, the battery compartment should be opened or the battery should be taken out. If the battery leaks, the battery should be replaced in time. The liquid should be wiped with dry cotton balls or cotton paper.;

2.Do not wash the hearing aid with a corrosive solution.


1.Prevents hearing aids from being hit hard, important components in hearing aids(Microphone, receiver)Extremely damaged by vibration;

2.After the hearing aid is removed, it should be placed in a safe place to prevent the child or pet from touching and causing it to break or bite.

Recommended on the desktop(Best pad soft cloth), sofa, bed to operate some movements

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