Cochlear implants and hearing aids should be kept away from static electricity

Static electricity is everywhere in our lives,There are two effects on the cochlear implant system:

The first is the most common, causing damage to the internal programs of the sound processor, which can be solved by the audiologist re-entering the program into the sound processor;

The second, less common, affects the internal devices of cochlear implant users due to static electricity.

Therefore, we should be careful to prevent the danger of static electricity. In general, we can basically minimize the effects of static electricity by using the following simple precautions.

1. When parents buy clothes for their children, clothes made of pure cotton and natural fiber materials are the best choice because they generate less static electricity than rayon. If you use a fabric softener, you can further reduce the static problem.

When wearing all the clothes, put on the external device after wearing all the clothes; on the contrary, remove the device before removing the clothes (because the static electricity can accumulate when wearing and undressing).

Second, in the winter (especially in the north is relatively dry), the body may naturally accumulate high-voltage electrostatic charge, which will cause discharge when you take the sound processor. This type of situation can be achieved by first touching other people or touching metal objects, such as a key, to reduce the accumulation of static electricity.

Third, in the event of thunderstorms, you should pay attention to stay away from metal facilities when you are outdoors, and remove the sound processor. If you feel uncomfortable indoors due to the loud sound of thunder, it is also recommended to remove the processor and shut down.

Fourth, eat more acidic foods such as vegetables, fruits, yogurt, drink plenty of water, and add calcium and vitamin C. Tomatoes, bananas, apples, kiwis, etc. all contain a lot of vitamin C. The fish and turtle can increase the elasticity and moisture retention of the skin, and have a good function of removing static electricity.

5. Try not to let the children play with balloons or rub the balloons, because the friction balloons will also generate static electricity, so try to avoid them.

When you get off the bus, hold the door in your hand until the foot touches the ground, so that you can let go of the static electricity. The child can do this with the help of the parents.

As the Spring Festival is approaching, the chances of the baby going out to play are increased, and the chance of static electricity is getting bigger. With these simple and easy-to-operate little common sense and small methods, we can better protect our small cochlea, let us Listen to the sound more clearly and listen to the world.

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