Where can we wear a hearing aid?

Some people, including some doctors, think that it is not necessary to use hearing aids when we are deaf. On the one hand, they don’t understand, in terms of effects, the current technology of hearing aids is much more mature than before.;On the other hand, they worry that hearing aids will increase hearing loss.

Hearing experts rely on the results of the hearing test to determine if the patient needs to wear a hearing aid. This is correct, but not comprehensive. First, if the hearing test results indicate that a hearing aid is needed, it should be used immediately. Second, even if the results of the hearing test do not necessarily prove that the hearing aid is necessary (for example, the degree of deafness is not serious), as long as the elderly subjectively believe that they need a hearing aid, they must also use it. This is because: Listening is an advanced, comprehensive and subjective feeling, and modern audiometry is difficult to fully display its full picture, and its subjective feeling can make up for the lack of hearing examination. Therefore, “need” is also a signal.

Wearing a hearing aid

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