What should I do if I have severe and persistent tinnitus?

First of all, we have to be clear,tinnitusNot a disease, but a symptom.

In fact, many people now suffer from tinnitus, which is closely related to our usual daily life habits.

There are many kinds of tinnitus, and the cause is not clear. You pay attention to him on weekdays.tinnitusThe louder it is.


tinnitusThe main treatments now include medication, masking and treatment.

Let’s talk about medication first becausetinnitusIn fact, it is impossible to cure. The use of drugs is only as much as possible. However, if I take drugs for a long time, I don’t need to say this side effect. The economic cost can be said to be quite high. A small family that is not wealthy may not last long. It is eaten poor, so taking medicine is not a long-term solution.

Followed by masking treatment, this treatment is relatively small in side effects and better in effect. The masking treatment mainly covers the sound of tinnitus through a hearing aid or a tinnitus mask. There is a case where the tinnitus is completely small after wearing the hearing aid. Still more recommended.

There is also a therapy, we also call ittinnitusRetraining is to let you get used to the sound of tinnitus through psychological communication and other methods. If you can’t eliminate it, let you coexist. In essence, it does not reduce tinnitus. It just allows you to accept tinnitus and get used to him.

Actually, we suffertinnitusAfter the main thing is to maintain a good attitude, you can put background music when you are alone, exercise more in the weekdays, run, look at the scenery, do not stay in a state of depression for a long time, the mentality is very important, mentality When you put it away, you will find that the tinnitus is not so serious.

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