What are the common symptoms of otitis media?

Otitis mediaIt often causes numbness or blockage, hearing loss or tinnitus to the ear, often after a cold or inadvertently, so if you have such symptoms, we must pay attention.


1.Hearing loss: hearing loss, self-improvement. It is manifested that the rotation of the head can improve the feeling of blockage sometimes. If only one ear suffers from hearing loss, it may not be felt for a long time.


2.Earache: Acute otitis media may have persistent occult ear pain or sporadic convulsions. These symptoms are not obvious in chronic patients. May be accompanied by earplugs or a feeling of bloating. Pressing the tragus can temporarily relieve it.


3.Tinnitus: Most of the low-key intermittent, such as bursting, buzzing and streaming sound. When the head moves or yawns, the nose will blow and the ears may appear to be audible.

Otitis media

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