Please wear the hearing aid carefully when the ear canal is inflamed.

Under normal circumstances, when we wear a hearing aid, it will not cause inflammation of the ear canal, but if you are in a non-healthy state such as a cold or a poor body resistance, we may cause a change in the internal environment of the ear canal after wearing the hearing aid. Inflammation of the ear canal. At this time we don’t have to worry, we should take out the hearing aid and wait for the inflammation to be completely cured. Continue to wear; very few users have sensitive ear canal skin and are allergic to hearing aids. At this time, the manufacturer can apply for a layer of antibacterial material on the outer casing, and at the same time reduce the time for wearing the hearing aid.

If your ear is now suffering from inflammation or pus, it is recommended that you do not wear a hearing aid at this time. At this time, only the ear ventilation is maintained, which will be beneficial to the recovery of inflammation. If wearing a hearing aid at this time is not conducive to the recovery of our inflammation, pus may penetrate into the hearing aid and corrode the hearing aid. Therefore, it is recommended not to wear a hearing aid at this time, and then wear a hearing aid after the inflammation treatment is finished. If you are wearing a custom machine, please pay attention to the suitability of the machine casing. If the situation is not appropriate, it may cause the ear canal wall to wear, resulting in infection of the ear canal.

Inflammation of the ear canal

Link:Please wear the hearing aid carefully when the ear canal is inflamed.

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