The hospital also sells hearing aids, can you buy it there?

A netizen gave me a message and asked me if he saw in the hospital that he could buy a hearing aid.

In fact, we must first understand where the hospital is. The hospital is the place to see the doctor, that is, the place for clinical treatment. The hearing aid is a second-class medical device product. The hospital generally does not allow the sale of such things without authorization. So why can we See the hospital selling hearing aids?

In fact, these are not sold by hospitals, but some hearing aid dealers who have cooperation with hospitals are selling because they are cooperative and win-win. The hospital has received patients. If the hearing is over, if you need to wear hearing aids. The patient will be introduced to the cooperative company, and then the patient will buy a hearing aid. The hospital will also have a commission to get it.

However, I personally suggest that if you need to buy a hearing aid or recommend to a professional hearing aid fitting center to buy more assured, in the hospital to buy, you may not be able to guarantee after-sales service and maintenance, and the fitting center to buy, because they are professional fittings Division, ear canal examination, pure tone audiometry and other inspections can also guarantee quality.

Secondly, the hearing test of the hearing aid may be needed.1To2Hours, the hospital is such a large flow of people, do not say that Wei Wei is not hygienic, safe and insecure, he will let you stay there2Hours?

At the same time, it also said that the after-sales service of hearing aids is very important. You go to the professional fitting center to buy, and the after-sales maintenance and other services are free. The hospital can be free of charge. Once you pay the money, the hearing aid is in the initial stage of debugging. It is quite frequent and requires regular maintenance, so it is better to buy a hearing aid or a professional hearing aid fitting center.

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