What is the point of deafness?

Deafness, we call it sputum, because the skin of the external auditory canal has a parotid gland, and the secretions are secreted later. Some are dry, some are oily, which has a certain relationship with race. Most of the white people are oily, while the yellow ones are dry.

Deafness can protect our ears, prevent foreign bodies or small flying insects from entering our ear canal, and also have a certain noise reduction effect.

Too many deafness, how big is a phenomenon, embolism.

The degree and location of the sputum plug is different, and the symptoms are different. If your external auditory canal is not completely blocked, there will be no obvious symptoms. If you are completely blocked, there will be a hearing loss, and you can recover your hearing after you have dug your ear.

If the sputum is blocked too much, pressing the tympanic membrane may cause symptoms such as dizziness, tinnitus, and hearing loss. If the skin of the posterior wall of the external auditory canal is oppressed, it may cause a reflective cough due to stimulation of the vagus nerve branch.

After sputum embolization, try not to dig it out by yourself. It is best to go to the hospital and let the doctor take it out with professional tools. This is because some people are too hard and can hardly take out before they are softened.


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